Stanford Tuck biography now out

Friday 15th September 2023

Suitably on Battle of Britain Day my biography of Stanford Tuck is now published. There are already some very positive early reviews which are rewarding after a long book gestation.  

Stanford Tuck Biography coming soon

Friday 3rd March 2023

At last I can announce my forthcoming book, Stanford Tuck: Hero of the Battle of Britain, the Life of the Great Fighter Ace

Its has taken a bit longer than planned but I am delighted that it is now in the catalogue of Grub Street Publishing. Due for publication in September this year.

He has been a most interesting study.

New book due out in November

Saturday 4th September 2021

My lockdown project was commissioned by Arcturus Publishing. I had to choose 50 naval battles and what an interesting task it was. It raised many questions starting with the obvious one of what defines a great battle?

Great Naval Battles includes the big name battles but also some of the unusual and less well known battles at sea over the centuries. It looks at big fleets, single ship actions, naming of battles, non battles, consequences of small actions, repercussions of big battles and, above all, considers who gets to tell the story.

Helping the Fowey Festival of Arts & Literature

Friday 5th February 2021

Festivals of all types have been badly affected by the pandemic and the Fowey festival is one of the longest running literary festivals in Britain.

I am delighted to be giving a Zoom talk for them to raise funds. Book via their website and join me on Wednesday 10 February when I will be talking about Isambard Brunel and the SS Great Britain Musuem.   It includes some rare insights into the wonderful collection in Bristol.

VJ Day and the Indian Air Force

Saturday 15th August 2020

On VJ Day I am remembering the men of 10 squadron Indian Air Force. A mix of Indian, Australian, British and Canadian pilots they were formed and led by Sq Ldr Bob Doe.

They flew low over the jungles of Burma in their Hurri-bombers. On one memorable occasion he led them on a dangerous mission to land on a makeshift air strip behind enemy lines to support the 81st West Africa Division. Their bravery should not be forgotten.

See my book, Fighter Pilot

Names of pilots we know who served are Eddy, Jonny Milne, L S Grewali, Jaspal Singh, R B Davis (Adj), Les Smith, A S Picken, Ron Jones, Roshan Suri, R. Sujir, Latimour, Ned Sparkes and Chrishna. All under the leadership of Squadron Leader Bob Doe