Helen Doe is a historian, author and lecturer.
Her books range from maritime to RAF history.

The First Atlantic Liner by Helen Doe

 The First Atlantic Liner is her latest book, published in July.

It tells the fascinating story of Brunel’s first steamship and the people on board.

About Helen Doe

Helen Doe is a historian, author and speaker with a particular love of maritime subjects. It is people, often the ordinary and, sometimes unsung, heroes and heroines that attract her attention. She has written a range of books from maritime history to RAF history.

A popular speaker, Helen has spoken at several literary festivals and is a regular guest on cruise ships. She has appeared on television, most recently in an episode of Who Do You Think You Are?  She has advised on many TV programmes including David Dimbleby's Britain and the Sea. Read more about Helen

The First Atlantic Liner Here is the new book, the story of Brunel’s first steamship and the people on board.

I have uncovered some great stories of life at sea in this technically advanced ship that confounded all the sceptics.  Unlike his two later ships, the Great Britain and Great Eastern, this one was built of wood and influenced the design of steamships for many years.

It linked New York and London in the 1840s and provided a bridge between the London of Charles Dickens and a youthful Queen Victoria with pre-civil war  New York.

Published by Amberley Press the book will be widely available.